The Art
of Dowsing

Dowsing: a practice that attempts to locate underground water, gemstones, oil, buried metals and graves. Dowsing rods can be used to find just about anything…
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Water Witching
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Historically, dowsing rods can be used to find just about anything. When the rods pick up on the items being located they would cross. “X” marks the spot. The person would then dig for the object. In the late 1600’s the Church had declared the art of dowsing to be superstitious… or rather Satanic. Many people believed that Satan and his demons were responsible for the movement of the rods.

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Dowsing - Water Diving

Water diviner John Caleb Wade, shown in 1939 at age nine, locating water under ground using a forked hazel twig.


Source: The Free Dictionary/Harry Shepherd/Fox Photos/Getty Images/Bettmann Archive.

Facts About

Dowsing originated in ancient times, when it was treated as a form of divination. The Catholic Church, however, banned the practice completely. the first account of this practice DATES FROM in 1568.

In the United States of America Dowsing was conducted in South Dakota in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to help homesteaders, farmers, and ranchers locate water wells on their property.

in the early 16th century German deep mining technology was in enormous demand all over Europe. German miners were licensed to live and work in England So the technique was used in the royal mines for calamine.

A pendulum weight on a short cord is the tool of choice for many modern dowsers. They hold the cord in one hand and allow the pendulum to swing freely, observING how the pendulum swings and interpreting the motion to offer insights.